[Bug 263543] sysutils/edk2: Fails to build with GCC > 11 (all flavors)

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2022 16:27:54 UTC

--- Comment #8 from Mark Millard <marklmi26-fbsd@yahoo.com> ---
(In reply to Lorenzo Salvadore from comment #7)

Last I tested building via via lang/gcc11 it built.
Later when I tested building it via lang/gcc12 it did not.

The commit that got it to build with lang/gcc11 was:

author  Emmanuel Vadot <manu@FreeBSD.org>       2022-05-02 16:49:56 +0000
committer       Emmanuel Vadot <manu@FreeBSD.org>       2022-05-02 16:52:29
commit  7d47e1f2971cabf764770d0388b2c6ad671e9f94 (patch)
tree    328be8ebb7641c614845559ee7661ef725b1c0b8 /sysutils/edk2
parent  4e73a1fd32da46003d7070527b56b69bd3e1e6d8 (diff)
download        ports-7d47e1f2971cabf764770d0388b2c6ad671e9f94.tar.gz
sysutils/edk2: Update to stable202202
Release notes: https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202202
Release notes: https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202111
Release notes: https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202108
Release notes: https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202105

The lang/gcc12 rejection of that update is a separate issue.

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