Several updates

From: Danilo G. Baio <>
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2022 12:30:48 UTC
Hello everyone.

We have updated our Weblate instance with the latest commits in the doc
tree, and with that, we bring several po4a fixes, which considerably
improve our translation workflow with Weblate and PO files.

po4a improvements:

  - Include issue when there is a {{% lang %}} variable in the string.

	 It was messing with the translation when generating the final .adoc
	 file.  These lines now are being ignored by po4a, like all other

  - Tables
	 All tables were being combined into one string. It turns out it was
	 just a config (option) issue. Now all tables are being split into
	 several strings.

  - Callouts
	 All callouts were being combined into one string. Now all callouts
	 are being split into several strings.

So now we have a single issue with po4a and our workflow, but we don't
need to worry because fernape@ pushed a workaround into our translate

More details on

Anyway, if other issues show up, please let us know.

ps. Use the latest version of po4a:
  textproc/docproj 4.1.1
  textproc/po4a 0.66_1

Danilo G. Baio (dbaio)