Question regarding articles/contributing

From: Fernando_ApesteguĂ­a <>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 11:28:30 UTC
Hi all,

I'm facing two problems with the Spanish translation of articles/contributing.

The first one is that there is one particular string that despite
being translated in Weblate it is not shown in the .po file neither in
the freebsd-doc-translate repo nor if I download the .po file from
Weblate. The string is:

Please do not submit a man:shar[1] archive of the entire port;
instead, use man:diff[1] `-ruN`. In this way, committers can much more
easily see exactly what changes are being made. The Porter's Handbook
section on link:{porters-handbook}#port-upgrading[Upgrading] has more

And as you can see here:

It has been translated. This does not seem to be a delay problem. That
string was translated days ago. Anyway I tried to make a small change,
save and make another change to see if the translation showed up but I
didn't have luck.

The other problem is that {core-email} is not translated
automatically. In order to get it substituted I need to manually
include include::shared/es/teams.adoc[]
But I don't see that include in the working pt-br translation.

Any ideas what the problems might be?