Re: [Bug 261977] lang/gcc12-devel: enable LTO

From: Gerald Pfeifer <>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 11:05:15 UTC
On Sun, 13 Mar 2022, Piotr Kubaj wrote:
>> There is much, *much*, *MUCH* more important tasks around the lang/gcc*
>> ports, and if anything this increases the risk for some of them.
> I know, I'm currently also testing a patch for 
> (for powerpc*) and 
> hope to send it to upstream some time soon.

That's cool!

I also saw you and Segher interacting around the recent GCC on 
FreeBSD/powerpc breakage, which also is great (not the breakage, 
of course, the engagement).

>> If you can and want to help, updating GCC_DEFAULT from 10 and 11 is 
>> overdue, yet stuck:
> I may do it, but I prefer to add LTO to lang/gcc11 first (if there's no 
> pushback) to avoid potential breakage in case it doesn't work. But I 
> want to first check all those powerpc* hacks and workarounds that 
> accumulated in all the ports for the past couple of years. Probably 
> many of them are not needed anymore.

That would be awesome indeed!

> So... while I may help with GCC upgrade, currently other things are on 
> my mind.

Keeping my fingers crossed this may bubble up your stack. :-)
(Or that someone else volunteers, of course.)