Re: llvm10 build failure on Rpi3

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-ports <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 01:15:39 UTC
On 2021-Jun-23, at 17:58, Mark Millard <marklmi at> wrote:

> Misc notes . . .
> Looking at your logs, I expect trying to build both
> llvm10 and rust in parallel is likely to run into
> resource issues on teh RPi3B+. For builds in that
> context, it may be better to do something like:
> # poudriere buld -j main devel/llvm10
> # poudriere buld -j main lang/rust
> # poudriere buld -j main -f SOMEFILE-LISTING-OTHER-ORIGINS
> based on using ALLOW_MAKE_JOBS=yes .
> Part of this I based on your on-going llvm10-10.0.1_5
> build shows load averages (example):
> 4.53 4.49 4.40
> so all 4 cores are busy with a little backlogged work
> already. It is also part of the explanation for:
> bad_C++_code	24:30:53 for both building at the same time
> vs.
> bad_C++_code	06:59:12 for only llvm10 building.
> (I'm not making claims for overall elapsed time.)
> You wrote in :
> MAX_EXECUTION_TIME_PACKAGE=432000 (since increased to 1724000, builds still stop at 24 hours) 
> I think you may have guessed wrong about what
> MAX_EXECUTION_TIME_PACKAGE covers: it is for
> after staging the build, just creating the package
> from the staged material. It is not for the
> overall time turning the port into a package.
> The time to build (through staging?) is controlled
> by something you have left commented out and have
> not adjusted:
> # This defines the max time (in seconds) that a command may run for a build
> # before it is killed for taking too long. Default: 86400
> My prior notes had listed:
> # Cortex-A53 and such are slow for the purpose, allow 4 times the defaults:
> But the figures that I'd used never dealt with something like
> rust on something like an RPi3B+. So the figure may well be
> too small even if rust is never built in parallel with anything
> else. (A similar point goes for all my example MAX_EXECUTION_TIME*
> figures.) I did do various llvm* builds, but rust is bigger than
> any one of those by a long shot.
> Parallel builds of things like llvm10 and rust in significantly
> overlapping time frames put the load average well over 4 and
> likely cause periods if significant paging/swapping. This can
> greatly expand the elapsed-time for the individual jobs (builders).

Just adding another note.

/usr/src contains a finished
buildworld. /usr/ports contains a recently-updated ports tree. 

# cd /usr/src
# make installworld DESTDIR=/usr/local/poudriere/poudriere-system DB_FROM_SRC=1
# make distrib-dirs DESTDIR=/usr/local/poudriere/poudriere-system DB_FROM_SRC=1
# make distribution DESTDIR=/usr/local/poudriere/poudriere-system DB_FROM_SRC=1

In the above, /usr/local/poudriere/poudriere-system/ ends up containing
a finished buildworld, instead of /usr/src/ containing such. ( /usr/src/
was put to use to do the build. )

Mark Millard
marklmi at
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away in early 2018-Mar)