Re: net/libpfctl: needs to be updated for 13.3

From: Edward Sanford Sutton, III <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 01:50:04 UTC
On 2/26/24 18:19, Craig Leres wrote:
> On 2/26/2024 5:07 PM, Edward Sanford Sutton, III wrote:
>>> While building a bunch of ports under 13.3-RC1 I find that libpfctl does
>>> not (build). I freely admit I do not understand how this port works; 
>>> I started to create a PR but I don't have the first idea on how the 
>>> distfile is generated.
>> `make makesum` or hand crafting it. If you update the port's Makefile 
>> to be a different version or use different/more distfile(s), you can 
>> tell it to update that file with this step.
> Sure but MASTER_SITES is set to LOCAL/kp and it looks like he hasn't 
> generated a distfile for 13.3 yet. (Maybe this doesn't happen until 13.3 
> is released?)
>          Craig

   I misunderstood thinking you were attempting to update the port and I 
had not looked into it myself to see that it isn't just using some 
obvious donloadable file. If that file doesn't exist for download yet, 
then there are other steps necessary for us to have a file to point a 
port at.
   I had seen that fetch failure in my builds but not started to 
diagnose it. As I do not have read permission for that folder on the 
FreeBSD server, I'd defer that to the maintainer to sort out. Looking at 
the Makefile, it looks like files are created+uploaded in the 'upload:' 
area; maybe that could be modified to create the archive for 13.3 and 
copy its output to a local distfiles repository to test; if successful 
then I presume the maintainer or someone with write permissions to that 
part of the FreeBSD servers needs to execute such steps.
   `make makesum` would erase nonreferenced files if I recall, so I 
presume an update would need to append or edit the file to contain 
information for all the versioned distfiles so that each OS version 
grabs its own needed file while ignoring the other files.