net/libpfctl: needs to be updated for 13.3

From: Craig Leres <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 01:04:22 UTC
While building a bunch of ports under 13.3-RC1 I find that libpfctl does
not (build). I freely admit I do not understand how this port works; I 
started to create a PR but I don't have the first idea on how the 
distfile is generated.

Meanwhile 1136 other ports built for me without issue.


=> libpfctl-13.3_2.tar.gz is not in /usr/ports/net/libpfctl/distinfo.
=> Either /usr/ports/net/libpfctl/distinfo is out of date, or
=> libpfctl-13.3_2.tar.gz is spelled incorrectly.
*** Error code 1