13.3 (BETA1): my jails and guests dont terminate cleanly

From: Peter <pmc_at_citylink.dinoex.sub.org>
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2024 18:23:18 UTC
Hi together,

  this is only informative and not yet analyzed!
(It maybe that I just need to adapt my scripting)

After upgrade I noticed two issues so far.

1. guests won't stop at shutdown when running this code (which did
   work reliably before):

   For now it seems that daemon treats signals somehow differently
   (and no idea yet if this is for the better or worse).

2. Up to now, my vimage jails would reliably die away after at most
   720 seconds. So if one waits 12 minutes, one can reuse the previous
   jail number. (If they do not, then something is wrong with the
   interfaces, and some interface is at a place where it shouldn't
   be, i.e. a design flaw).
   Now my jails do not die away *IF* they contain an openvpn.
   Maybe something has changed with the tunX devices, or something
   has changed with those TCP(?) timeouts which cause the 720 seconds.
   (again, no idea yet if for the better or worse).