Update on 14.0-RELEASE

From: Glen Barber <gjb_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2023 22:55:31 UTC
We will likely need at minimum a fourth BETA build for the 14.0-RELEASE

As was just announced, BETA3 is now available.  There are some known
outstanding issues:

1) freebsd-update(8) has previously failed to upgrade from 13.x and
   earlier due to a file name that had been replaced with a directory of
   the same name.  A patch for this is under testing.
2) FreeBSD arm64/aarch64 EC2 AMIs have been failing to build properly,
   presumably due to lang/rust build failures leading to the ec2-scripts
   package from being prevented to be available.  The last 15.0-CURRENT
   snapshots seem to have this resolved, so hopefully it is also
   resolved for what will eventually be the 'release_0' package set for
   14.0-RELEASE, but that is still over a week away.
3) There are no "official" FreeBSD base packages available.  I have been
   occupied with external factors preventing me from having cycles
   available to look into this without interruption, but I think I am
   going to err on the side of caution and have a manual package set run
   available via https://download.freebsd.org/ somewhere within the
   version, architecture, and machine type namespace.
4) Vagrant images fail to upload due to an incorrect target following
   the addition of ZFS images.  This is another issue where I have
   personally been blocked/blocking progress.
5) The 'ftp-stage' target does not currently account for ZFS virtual
   machine images.  I again have this in my queue.  I do not know if
   I necessarily care too much about this for 14.0-RELEASE, since all
   virtual machine images are within the 'Latest/' directory namespace
   for all builds, but I am intent on fixing it.
6) The ZFS-root EC2 AMIs panic a few seconds after booting, apparently
   due to memory corruption in ZFS.

Note regarding (3) above: this is not yet done, but the datasets in
which the builds were done are preserved.  I hope to have at least a few
hours this weekend to try to get binary packages for the FreeBSD base
system in place, wherever that ends up being.

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