Re: Build of 14 on 13 creates a file which needs

From: Yuri <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 11:43:03 UTC
Pete French wrote:
> Am experimenting with stable/14 to see how it goes, but have an odd problem. I
> am compiling it on a stable/13 machine, as I was upgrading a 13 box to 14. But having
> done this, I now cannot don an installworld again with a slihtly more recent compile,
> as it fails, telling me that I need
> The culprit appears to be /usr/src/amd64.amd64/tmp/legacy/bin/tzsetup which needs the
> shared object. It exists on 13 so my first installworld succeeds, but after installing 14
> it then fails as 14 does not have this library
> Is what I am doing wrong? Is it true that once I have gone to 14, I can no longer install
> again a version which was compiled under 13 ?

I don't think I completely understand the procedure you are describing,
just a note that guessing on the /tmp/legacy/ in path it's a "native"
tool that runs on build system and was compiled against the libraries on
the build system (unlike real binaries built against the libraries for
the target system).