Re: vfs.zfs.bclone_enabled (was: FreeBSD 14.0-BETA2 Now Available)

From: Alexander Motin <>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2023 17:14:09 UTC
On 16.09.2023 01:25, Graham Perrin wrote:
> On 16/09/2023 01:28, Glen Barber wrote:
>> o A fix for the ZFS block_cloning feature has been implemented.
> Thanks
> I see 
> <>, with <> in stable/14.
> As vfs.zfs.bclone_enabled is still 0 (at least, with 15.0-CURRENT 
> n265350-72d97e1dd9cc): should we assume that additional fixes, not 
> necessarily in time for 14.0-RELEASE, will be required before 
> vfs.zfs.bclone_enabled can default to 1?

I am not aware of any block cloning issues now.  All this thread about 
bclone_enabled actually started after I asked why it is still disabled. 
Thanks to Mark Millard for spotting this issue I could fix, but now we 
are back at the point of re-enabling it again.  Since the tunable does 
not even exist anywhere outside of FreeBSD base tree, I'd propose to 
give this code another try here too.  I see no point to have it disabled 
at least in main unless somebody needs time to run some specific tests 

Alexander Motin