Is there any plan for ZFS and timerfd updates on stable/14?

From: Tomoaki AOKI <>
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2023 03:30:28 UTC

There are discussions about deadlocks issue of ZFS on freebsd-current
ML, starting from [1] last month.
IIRC, at least some fixes (candidates?) are merged to main, but not yet
to stable/14.

Upcoming (aleready released? or still rc3?) OpenZFS 2.2-release seems
to have most of them. So my 1st question is "Is there any plan to
import vendor/openzfs/zfs-2.2-release into stable/14 BEFORE BRANCHING

And one more. timerfd is added at last-minutes BEFORE stable/14 is
branched, and already have not-yet-MFC'ed fixes [2], [3], [4] and
Differential revision D41600 on Phablicator [5] related to memory leaks
and locks. 
Additionally, splitting out lib32 part to proper place is proposed
as D41640 [6].  Both [5] and [6] are accepted but not yet landed.
Also, D41641 [7] proposes namespace pollution adjustments. This can be

Memory leaks and improper locks can lead system to security issues or
deadlocks, so it would be benefical if landed and MFC'ed BEFORE
releng/14 branches.

Is there any plan to do so? At least, existing deadlocks should be
considered as SHOW-STOPPER and resolved.

I myself am bitten by several deadlocks on poudriere full builds after
upgrading base from stable/13 to stable/14, finally finished with
increasing kern.maxvnodes after powercycle on each deadlock and

Thanks in advance!








Tomoaki AOKI    <>