Re: OPNSense (FreeBSD 13.1-p6) kernel panic

From: Eugene Grosbein <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2023 14:28:57 UTC
28.02.2023 19:25, Richard Hurt wrote:

> After a recent OPNSense update my HD activity light was staying on and the CPU meter on the OPNSense dashboard was reading 100%.  After looking for anything obvious and turning off all the services I could, the CPU was still pegged and the HD light was still on constantly.  So I rebooted the machine; it never came back online.
> After I attached a monitor to the machine I saw that it had a kernel panic.  While unusual I didn't think too much of it however rebooting the machine didn't resolve the issue.  So, I removed all the cards, memory, etc. to see if I could get a clean boot.  Nothing helped and I continued to get a kernel panic.
> I thought it might be a corrupted hard drive or something so I disconnected the drive and booted off a USB thumb drive with a fresh copy of OPNSense v23.1 installed on it.  The system booted just fine and ran the live version.  So I turned the machine off, reconnected the drive, rebooted and installed v23.1 on the HD.  The install worked perfectly and the machine rebooted.  Once again, I got the kernel panic.
> My next thought was that maybe the HD was "bad".  I replaced the HD and again installed a fresh copy of v23.1.  Again, the kernel panic showed up.  Arrggghhh! 
> I'm running Memtest86 v6.10 right now and it has passed 4 times, so I don't think it's memory related.  I've replaced the HD so that's (probably) not the problem.  It seems to work fine when booting from the USB flash drive (it's just slooooow) so the CPU seems to be OK. 
> After the kernel panic the machine is locked up completely.  Nothing works.  The keyboard doesn't do anything, the capslock key doesn't, light up and the floppy drive light is stuck on.
> I've not been able to get a text output of the panic but here is a screenshot I took from my phone:  I posted about this first on the OPNSense forum ( but they said that this mailing list was probably the better option.
> Equipment:
> * Acer Aspire AST180-UA380B
> * AMD Athlon 3800+
> * 3GB RAM
> * 1TB SATA drive
> Thanx
> Richard

The problem seems to be known and specific to OPNSense that change some default FreeBSD settings
unconditionally, no matter if hardware's compatible with non-default setting or not: