installation: when the mirror is bad, cannot change it

From: Paul Dufresne <>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 13:12:03 UTC
Well, I know BETA 3 have not been announced yet, but I have installed it.

I used DVD disc.

During installation I had selected main.debug I think... a debug thing anyway.

So the installer said that a component needed Internet, and had me configure it.

I choosed US Ftp6 mirror.

But it seems it was not ready for BETA 3.

It complained not finding files on the mirror.

So I tried to come back to the selection of the mirror, but was not able to.

I finally  decided to unselect the debug component, and I finished installation.

And so I am writing this email from that installed system.

It might be me not knowing how to use the installer... but I suspect it is not me.