hard to read handbook.pdf in text system

From: Paul Dufresne <dufresnep_at_zoho.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 22:01:28 UTC
I have installed very recently from what was probably:


When I got at the end of installation I choosed to install the handbook.

When I booted on the system, I first searched in my home directory, then in /root, then after a while I saw the

link to it in motd (message of the day) after logging in.

I navigated to said directory to find a handbook in pdf format.

So I installed lynx, and read the handbook online. Was able to get to a working well enough graphical system.

Other people have remarked the oddity of the thing (to expect people on a text system to read the pdf file that explain how to install the graphical system).

I am asking here because you are supposed to be interested in 13.2 development at this time if I understood right.

But maybe I am suppose to ask to documentation team... unsure.

My wish would be that the installer would install a text version of the handbook.