stable/12 & recent change to

From: David Wolfskill <>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2022 17:21:54 UTC
I just noticed (today) that as of the update of stable/12 from:

FreeBSD 12.3-STABLE #104 stable/12-n235621-7c39928455c: Tue Sep  6 10:34:05 UTC 2022  amd64 1203507 1203507


FreeBSD 12.3-STABLE #105 stable/12-dff90c4ce1a: Wed Sep  7 10:31:49 UTC 2022  amd64 1203507 1203507

(as seen at

I've lost the commit count.

This would seem to be related to:

author	Michael Osipov <>	2021-01-05 11:48:39 +0100
committer	Ed Maste <>	2022-09-06 15:31:39 -0400
commit	a3c92efcaa1252bcff87884a76e7c4a9f2c4afc5 (patch)
tree	d400c4c61710546d44ca0123526bbab2bd26b095 /sys/conf/ add support for gitup(1)

except that I have never used gitup, and haven't enough of a clue about
git to know what a "shallow clone" is.

And when I manually run "cd /usr/src/sys/conf && sh -x", the
resulting vers.c file *has* the count.

[As an aside, my first attempt at this was "cd /sys/conf && sh -x", which totally failed to recognize that it was in a git tree
at all: "findvcs .git" returned 1.  This may be a bit of a surprise; it
was to me.]

Anyway: looking over the changes in the commit, I find no files matching
the name ".gitup*" at all, anywhere.  And manually running "git
rev-parse --is-shallow-repository" outputs "false" for any of my git

And it looks to me as if the stable/13 equivalent:
author	Michael Osipov <>	2021-01-05 11:48:39 +0100
committer	Ulrich Spörlein <>	2021-01-20 10:48:27 +0100
commit	a9fc14fbf445cffd18f34f6a602bdba84bb5a867 (patch)
tree	0c10804bdafde2810d11201dc93af7f5d0ec58de /sys/conf/ add support for gitup(1)

has *not* caused dropping the commit count from stable/13 -- ref.

Nor has it been an issue in head -- ref.:

So: how do I find out what's gone wonky with my stable/12 environments?

(The cited behavior is consistent among all 3 machines I use for
daily tracking of stable/12, stable/13, and head.)


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