stable+xorg+hw.vga.textmode=1+nvidia-driver-390 may require other ports be rebuilt to function again.

From: Edward Sanford Sutton, III <>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 07:29:12 UTC
   I mention this here as there was nothing I noticed in 
/usr/ports/UPDATING or /usr/src/UPDATING to make me aware of what would 
need rebuilding or to expect it. If I missed something that I should 
have seen then I apologise for the noise.

   stable + xorg + hw.vga.textmode=1 + nvidia-driver-390 requires 
rebuilding more than kernel, world, and a poudriere run across the 
nvidia driver port. Not sure which port(s) changed it back to working 
but didn't see anything in /usr/src/UPDATING, /usr/ports/UPDATING, or 
here to make me expect this would have happened.

   Moving from 13.1-STABLE 1301503 (don't know how to see git hash and 
not in poudriere logs) and ports tree 9d34c0bfee17 to 13.1-STABLE 
1301507 dc96fb072300 and ports tree 5d303ab48075 I found that after 
rebuilding/reinstalling kernel+world that on reboot I could only start X 
if I removed hw.vga.textmode=1 from loader.conf. That continued after 
doing a rebuild and `pkg upgrade` of nvidia-driver-390 port under 
poudriere with its jail based on same -STABLE code that I built and 
installed from and on the same machine (122 ports rebuilt). After 
rebuilding+reinstalling all ports I found it was back to working as 

   When reinstalling/upgrading the final build of the ports, I had a 
running X session which seemed to close (crash?) but not return to the 
terminal that launched it; there was then no keyboard/mouse responses 
available on the system but it was still running as I confirmed from an 
ssh login on another machine.

   I still use hw.vga.textmode=1 as switching back to a terminal after 
launching X only works by closing X; screen is otherwise black with 
large colored blocks and no usable text on the terminal. I often have to 
switch across a couple different terminals before I have a working one 
too. As sometimes things break, I prefer to have an option to switch to 
a terminal to fix things even if it is just killing a process or X. 
Either mode still leads to plasmashell crashing when I try to switch 
back to the GUI if I am using KDE; that is an old issue I've never had 
interest to take the time to solve.

Thank you for your time,
Edward Sanford Sutton, III