Re: Problem booting FreeBSD 13.0 and 13.1 on a box with an external HP enclose - panic in make_dev_alias_v

From: Rainer Duffner <>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 16:28:12 UTC
> Am 12.09.2022 um 18:22 schrieb Warner Losh <>:
> <> already addressed this. you'll need to run
> stable/13 I think to get the fix. I didn't see a fix for this in the EN notices.
> Or you need to back-port 5f438dd3acba47e54e63b13bfff31a49bcc6ddea. It landed in stable/13 as
> b3c8ab9ff9081748277906a348aff9d331c09092 and just adds a flag to an arg to a call to make_dev_physpath_alias
> to tell it not to panic.

ah, ok.

I somehow didn’t see this - thanks a lot.

For now, I can keep this running on 12.3 until the patch is in a release.
I try to keep my servers on RELEASE, for reasons of consistency.