Re: cannot remove/detach missing disk from zmirror: no valid replicas

From: Eugene M. Zheganin <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2022 18:03:30 UTC

03.05.2022 17:43, Eugene Grosbein пишет:
> Reproducing...
> So, how did you achieve your situation when you have 6 data errors and two parts of mirror
> in both ONLINE and (resilvering) state?
> I suspect "6 data errors" are your problem.

Well, everything was simple:

1) 12.1, disk died, I issued "attach" instead of "replace"
2) it attached, but started resilvering in cycles, finding more and more errors (which is understandable, since both disk started to die aproximately at the same time - one was eletrically dead, another was SMART-dying)
3) at some time on 12.2 I've even had this (guess with different guids, didn't figure out to look this up), but I swear, gpt/zfsroot0 was twice in the list: both as ONLINE and UNAVAIL:

         NAME                         STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
         zfsroot                      DEGRADED     0     0     0
           mirror-0                   DEGRADED     0     0     0
             gpt/zfsroot1             ONLINE       0     0     0
             gpt/zfsroot0             UNAVAIL      0     0     0 cannot open
             gpt/zfsroot0             ONLINE       0     0     0 (resilvering)

4) then I upgraded to 13.x to see if it wilkl resolve the situation. It actually did, kind of - gpt/zfsroot changed to DISK-31P58VAASp3.

So, I guess you cannot detach/remove anything if these things are present:
- something is resilvering
- pool isn't "cleared" with zpool clear.