Re: Deprecating ISA sound cards

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2022 20:35:50 UTC
> old hardware. :)

Technically RELENG_4 is open for committers hobbyists
museums projects etc who like to continue supporting the
Pentium+ISA platform and all its pluggable hardware.

And there's lots of hardware that can [still, physically]
plug into 64-bit platforms running HEAD... (which is likely
to exist for decades to come, barring some totally new
revolutionary instruction arch platform paradigm shift adoption)...
that do not have existing or working or good drivers.

Hard to conceive that anyone's at least working driver
modules could not be accepted into ports as part of
some sort of new "legacy" hardware enthusiasts sub-project.
Opportunity exists to organize and incorporate such framework,
crowdfund elements, collect and send hardware, etc.

Have fun :)