Re: Trying to boot a supermicro H8DMT board

From: Willem Jan Withagen <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 14:04:16 UTC
On 17-1-2022 14:46, Eugene Grosbein wrote:
> 17.01.2022 20:24, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
>>> Well, perform independent hardware (memory) testing with something like memtest86+
>>> and if it is all right, you show ask someone more knowledgeable. Maybe CC:
>> Perhaps should have done that when I started, but supplier assured me that
>> the they just retired the boards with out any issues.
>> Memtest86 found the faulty DIMM in 30 secs...
>> Not sure if we could/want educate vm_mem_init() to actually detect this.
>> It is still in the part where everthing is still running on the first CPU.
>> Making things a bit easier to understand what is going on.
>> Lets see if the box will run on 3 DIMMs for the rime being.
>> Then figure out with DMIdecode what we need expand again.
> Is it ECC memory or non-ECC?
> The kernel already have full memory testing performed at boot time
> unless disabled with another loader knob:
> hw.memtest.tests=0
> Try booting it with memory testing disabled and without hw.physmem limitation.
> Maybe it will boot.
> With ECC, it could be hardware interrupt while kernel runs that test
> and wrong in-kernel processing of the interrupt.

Swapped the DIMM with 3 others, but still the same errors.
Then I changed DIMM slot, and the errors went away.
So definitely a hardware issue

when booted FreeBSD reported already only 12Gb in system ( there are 4 
4GB dimms)
Using 8Gb. DIMMs are ECC.
But then still it would only boot when mem set to 8G.

Waiting for memtest to finish at least one pass.
Usually that will take quite some time.