Re: cxgbe firmware error on latest RELENG_13

From: mike tancsa <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 19:48:22 UTC
On 2/28/2022 2:43 PM, Navdeep Parhar wrote:
> On 2/28/22 11:36 AM, mike tancsa wrote:
>> Hi Navdeep,
>>      I updated a pair of releng13 boxes today as I saw there are new 
>> drivers/firmware. However, the firmware seems to fail on both in 
>> different ways
>> t5nex0: <Chelsio T540-CR> mem 
>> 0x91300000-0x9137ffff,0x90000000-0x90ffffff,0x91984000-0x91985fff irq 
>> 17 at device 0.4 on pci2
>> t5nex0: failed to load firmware module: 2. cfg 0, fw 0
>> t5nex0: firmware on card ( is older than the version 
>> bundled with this driver, but the driver cannot take corrective 
>> action because it is unable to load the firmware module.
> It looks like the firmware KLD isn't available even though you have 
> t5fw_cfg_load="yes" in loader.conf.
> Can you try removing the cxgbe lines from loader.conf temporarily and 
> kldload if_cxgbe manually after boot?  It should be able to find the 
> KLD with the firmware and update the card.  Then restore the lines in 
> loader.conf and see if it comes up properly.

     It worked on the 4 port but not the 2 port unit

root@coldstorage1:~ # kldload if_cxgbe
t5nex0: <Chelsio T520-LL-CR> mem 
0xb2300000-0xb237ffff,0xb1000000-0xb1ffffff,0xb28a0000-0xb28a1fff irq 16 
at device 0.4 on pci1
t5nex0: failed to connect to the firmware: 6, 0.  PCIE_FW 0x80000000
t5nex0: error during attach, adapter is now in recovery mode.
root@coldstorage1:~ #