Re: Instance drives in AWS comming up with the wrong size

From: Pete French <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 21:15:29 UTC

On 22/02/2022 19:51, Warner Losh wrote:

> What does 'nvmecontrol identify nvme2' and 'nvmecontrol identify nda2' 
> say for each?
> Warner

Umm, before I answer that, I have to say I found a new symptom. It only 
shows me the wrong values if I am logged in on the serial console. If I 
ssh in then everything is fine ?!

Which is a bit mad. It doesnt just affect diskinfo though, I get issues 
if I try and run 'geli init' on the drive on the console, but it works 
fine from ssh.

Umm.... Ok, that makes no sense to me...

So, the output from the nvme identify commands is the same both on the 
workding and non working logins, and is below.

-pete. [bit of a head scratcher!]

root@serpentine-vgay:/usr/home/webadmin # nvmecontrol identify nvme2
Controller Capabilities/Features
Vendor ID:                   1d0f
Subsystem Vendor ID:         0000
Serial Number:               AWS26C9F8A45429C4403
Model Number:                Amazon EC2 NVMe Instance Storage
Firmware Version:            0
Recommended Arb Burst:       0
IEEE OUI Identifier:         cd b4 40
Multi-Path I/O Capabilities: Not Supported
Max Data Transfer Size:      131072 bytes
Controller ID:               0x0002
Version:                     0.0.0

Admin Command Set Attributes
Security Send/Receive:       Not Supported
Format NVM:                  Not Supported
Firmware Activate/Download:  Not Supported
Namespace Management:        Not Supported
Device Self-test:            Not Supported
Directives:                  Not Supported
NVMe-MI Send/Receive:        Not Supported
Virtualization Management:   Not Supported
Doorbell Buffer Config:      Not Supported
Get LBA Status:              Not Supported
Sanitize:                    Not Supported
Abort Command Limit:         4
Async Event Request Limit:   5
Number of Firmware Slots:    N/A
Firmware Slot 1 Read-Only:   N/A
Per-Namespace SMART Log:     No
Error Log Page Entries:      64
Number of Power States:      1
Firmware Update Granularity: 00 (Not Reported)
Host Buffer Preferred Size:  0 bytes
Host Buffer Minimum Size:    0 bytes

NVM Command Set Attributes
Submission Queue Entry Size
   Max:                       64
   Min:                       64
Completion Queue Entry Size
   Max:                       16
   Min:                       16
Number of Namespaces:        1
Compare Command:             Not Supported
Write Uncorrectable Command: Not Supported
Dataset Management Command:  Supported
Write Zeroes Command:        Not Supported
Save Features:               Not Supported
Reservations:                Not Supported
Timestamp feature:           Not Supported
Verify feature:              Not Supported
Fused Operation Support:     Not Supported
Format NVM Attributes:       Per-NS Erase, Per-NS Format
Volatile Write Cache:        Not Present
root@serpentine-vgay:/usr/home/webadmin # nvmecontrol identify nda2
Size:                        292968750 blocks
Capacity:                    292968750 blocks
Utilization:                 292968750 blocks
Thin Provisioning:           Not Supported
Number of LBA Formats:       1
Current LBA Format:          LBA Format #00
Data Protection Caps:        Not Supported
Data Protection Settings:    Not Enabled
Multi-Path I/O Capabilities: Not Supported
Reservation Capabilities:    Not Supported
Format Progress Indicator:   Not Supported
Deallocate Logical Block:    Read Not Reported
Optimal I/O Boundary:        256 blocks
NVM Capacity:                0 bytes
Globally Unique Identifier:  00000000000000000000000000000000
IEEE EUI64:                  0000000000000000
LBA Format #00: Data Size:   512  Metadata Size:     0  Performance: Best