Re: Slow startup from D19488 (rtsol: sendmsg: Permission denied)

From: Peter <>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2022 21:50:38 UTC
On Sun, Apr 03, 2022 at 10:27:59PM -0700, Kevin Oberman wrote:

! > Hi Kevin,
! >
! >   (You are Kevin Oberman the network guru ?!?)
! >
! > Maybe a decade or so ago. After over a decade of retirement,  I'm not sure
! how BGP is spelled. And why would the network fib?

Ah, I see. So thats what happens to the gurus, and why wisdom is so
rarely found in the world nowadays...

Anyway, enjoy what You're doing! :)
!   You're essentially right, and I would normally agree. And it is not
! > irrelevant, but then, it's apparently not related to this specific
! > issue.
! >
! > The point is: I am not interested in 13.0. I am interested in
! > 13.1. So I put up a pilot early, in order to report potential issues
! > (as I reported here the issue with the fix for PR 76398). At that
! > point this had to be stable/13.
! >
! > Then on saturday I tried to use fib, and I figured that fib is not
! > fully implenented in 12.3, but apparently it is in 13. So I decided
! > to give it a try and move my backbone to 13 - and to the same version
! > that is already running on the pilot system, so that there is some
! > base to compare things.
! >
! > Now there are issues - but it doesn't appear that these issues would
! > be very different between stable/13 and releng/13.1. And -as can be
! > read above- it neither looks like these issues would just disappear
! > by themselves in the release, without someone looking for them.
! > (The broken "ipfw fwd" is probably also present in 13.0 and will very
! > likely still be present in 13.1 - and I don't believe much in testing
! > because you can only test what you already expect to fail.)
! >
! > I am indeed pondering about the best approach. Over the last years
! > I was only doing release upgrades (after I had run into ugly ZFS
! > problems somewhere in Rel.10, caused by an intermediately broken
! > Stable *and* broken memory chips).
! > Now I am considering to do upgrades some 2-3 months ahead of the
! > release, so if there are problems that hit here, there is a chance
! > to spare the general public one or two troubles.
! >
! > cheerio,
! > PMc
! >
! Well, that does explain a bit. I'm not sure of the best way to troubleshoot
! this. It is extremely unlikely that it's broken on STABLE and fixed in
! 13.1-BETA or RC.
! Sorry I can't be more useful. If I had experience with FIBs on FreeBSD.
! It's not the same as RIBs and FIBs on Junipers.

Thanks, no problem! I got all through it now, and in the end it was real
fun and works now just as I imagined. I don't think fib are really
flawed in 12.3 - but the ifconfig+routing interaction is better
implemented in 13.1, it was worth the effort.
And yesterday I got note that Andrey Elsukov put the "ipfw fwd" fix
into HEAD, so this one will also go away now.
Rock'n and Roll'n again! :)