Re: Fwd: freebsd-update(8) upgrade, install, install: files not found

From: Glen Barber <>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2022 17:20:48 UTC
On Mon, Apr 04, 2022 at 06:14:27PM +0100, Graham Perrin wrote:
> With the second run of /usr/sbin/freebsd-update install (after restarting
> the system), is it sometimes normal for freebsd-update to report files not
> found?
> Screenshot: <> ‒ the tail end of an upgrade
> from 13.0-RELEASE-p8 (userland p10) to 13.1-RC1.
> The four files not found, including /etc/rc.d/zfskeys (more specifically:
> ///var/db/etcupdate/current/etc/rc.d/zfskeys) were files that did not exist
> prior to the upgrade.

This seems normal, since the zfskeys script did not exist prior to RC1.