Re: Slow startup from D19488 (rtsol: sendmsg: Permission denied)

From: Peter <>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2022 13:26:26 UTC
On Wed, Mar 30, 2022 at 08:59:24PM -0700, Kevin Oberman wrote:

! > ! I am a bit puzzled as after two years you are the first one to report
! > ! that problem to my knowledge for either base system or jails.
! >
! > This is what greatly wonders me, too. So I was stronly thinking
! > that I am doing something wrong or unusual. But I cannot figure
! > it out, it just seems that the detrimental effect of the change
! > cannot be avoided (e.g. "service jail start" takes quite long now -
! > there's a lot of them).

! This may be irrelevant, but updating to the stable branch is not
! recommended as it is not regularly tested. Updating to 13.0-Release and
! then to stable is less likely to be problematic.

Hi Kevin,

  (You are Kevin Oberman the network guru ?!?)

  You're essentially right, and I would normally agree. And it is not
irrelevant, but then, it's apparently not related to this specific

The point is: I am not interested in 13.0. I am interested in
13.1. So I put up a pilot early, in order to report potential issues
(as I reported here the issue with the fix for PR 76398). At that
point this had to be stable/13.

Then on saturday I tried to use fib, and I figured that fib is not
fully implenented in 12.3, but apparently it is in 13. So I decided
to give it a try and move my backbone to 13 - and to the same version
that is already running on the pilot system, so that there is some
base to compare things.

Now there are issues - but it doesn't appear that these issues would
be very different between stable/13 and releng/13.1. And -as can be
read above- it neither looks like these issues would just disappear
by themselves in the release, without someone looking for them.
(The broken "ipfw fwd" is probably also present in 13.0 and will very
likely still be present in 13.1 - and I don't believe much in testing
because you can only test what you already expect to fail.)

I am indeed pondering about the best approach. Over the last years
I was only doing release upgrades (after I had run into ugly ZFS
problems somewhere in Rel.10, caused by an intermediately broken
Stable *and* broken memory chips). 
Now I am considering to do upgrades some 2-3 months ahead of the
release, so if there are problems that hit here, there is a chance
to spare the general public one or two troubles.