Re: Deprecating smbfs(5) and removing it before FreeBSD 14

From: Eugene Grosbein <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 22:05:11 +0700
28.10.2021 21:44, Ed Maste wrote:

> The smbfs(5) filesystem supports only the obsolete SMBv1 protocol, and
> I propose removing it for FreeBSD 14. I know the CHERI folks have been
> using it but they plan to migrate away from it. It was broken for
> months before they fixed it, so I suspect nobody is using it on
> contemporary releases.
> I have review D32707 ( open to add
> this deprecation notice to the man page:
>      The smbfs filesystem driver supports only the obsolete SMBv1 protocol.
>      smbfs and userspace counterparts smbutil(1) and mount_smbfs(8) are not
>      present in FreeBSD 14 and above.  Users are advised to evaluate the
>      sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs port instead.
> A similar notice would be added to the smbutil and mount_smbfs man
> pages, and manu_at_ suggested having the userland utilities emit a
> warning when they are used.
> I am interested in comments, objections, or reports that anyone is in
> fact using smbfs.

I routinely use smbfs(5) to access files on Windows-based local file servers,
both for read and write.

Also, some hosters provide extra network storage (for backups etc.) available over SMB.

Please do not remove what is not broken.
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