14 stable Guided ZFS with 2 disk mirror

From: Mikhail Holt <mikhail.k.holt_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 05:00:26 UTC
Hello All,

- Fresh installation of FreeBSD 14 stable from this:

   Took the 'Guided Root-on-ZFS' installation with the following options:
   - Pool type:           Mirror - 2 disks
   - Partition scheme:    GPT (UEFI)
   - Mirror Swap?         No
   - Encrypt Swap?        No

- On reboot after the initial installation the system works as it should.
   The zpool is mirrored and the two disks are synced.

- The system will not boot after shutting down the system and 
disconnecting the first disk.
   The UEFI BIOS reports that there are no bootable disks.
   On reconnecting the first disk the system boots and the zpool is re 

- It appears that the duplicate EFI partition on second disk is created 
but the file system is not created and hence the boot files are not 

- The system will boot from just the second disk after copying the EFI 
partition from the first disk to the second.

- Is this known/expected behaviour?
   I was expecting to be able to boot from the second disk without 
having to copy the efi partition.