Re: 12.3-RC1 fails to install pkg

From: Peter <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2021 20:02:19 +0100
> Can you try this?
>  # pkg add -y file:///tmp/vb/pkg-1.17.2.pkg

Hi Glen,

 tried, doesn't help. I found the cause in the meantime, it's #370420

It states:
          * Chop off the final "-" (version delimiter) and check the name that
          * precedes it.  If we didn't have a version delimiter, it must be the
	  * pkg.$archive short form but we'll check it anyways.
What they apparently did forget is to also chop off the leading path
name up to and including an '/'.

So it is not intentional, it is just the normal first try of an
improvement where you always forget something.

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