Re: Deprecating smbfs(5) and removing it before FreeBSD 14

From: Miroslav Lachman <>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2021 10:19:48 +0100
On 01/11/2021 09:36, Yuri wrote:
> Ed Maste wrote:
>> The smbfs(5) filesystem supports only the obsolete SMBv1 protocol, and
>> I propose removing it for FreeBSD 14. I know the CHERI folks have been
>> using it but they plan to migrate away from it. It was broken for
>> months before they fixed it, so I suspect nobody is using it on
>> contemporary releases.
>> I have review D32707 ( open to add
>> this deprecation notice to the man page:
>>       The smbfs filesystem driver supports only the obsolete SMBv1 protocol.
>>       smbfs and userspace counterparts smbutil(1) and mount_smbfs(8) are not
>>       present in FreeBSD 14 and above.  Users are advised to evaluate the
>>       sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs port instead.
>> A similar notice would be added to the smbutil and mount_smbfs man
>> pages, and manu_at_ suggested having the userland utilities emit a
>> warning when they are used.
>> I am interested in comments, objections, or reports that anyone is in
>> fact using smbfs.
> I thought I'd mention the SMB client in illumos which is originally
> based on FreeBSD one, imported and enhanced by Apple, then imported by
> Sun, and finally updated to support SMB2/SMB3 in illumos.  It has a lot
> of CDDL code now, but as ZFS shows it's not really a stopper.
> ISTR there is (was?) also an Apple SMB client (based on FreeBSD)
> somewhere on their "opensource" site.
> Just saying that there are other options if someone(TM) is interested in
> doing the work.

Apple sources can be found there with all the history from SMBv1 
to SMBv3. The files have original copyright header from 2001 Boris Popov 
(same as FreeBSD) but otherwise it is very different code due to 
different kernel interfaces and so on.
With Apple and Illumos sources it is possible to have smbfs in FreeBSD 
upgraded to v2 or v3 but very skilled programmer is needed for this 
work. And for the past years there is none interested in this work.

Miroslav Lachman
Received on Mon Nov 01 2021 - 09:19:48 UTC

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