Re: cron line continuation?

From: Tom Samplonius <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2021 01:58:43 -0700
> On Jun 7, 2021, at 12:51 AM, Ask Bjørn Hansen <> wrote:
>> On Jun 7, 2021, at 00:42, Ronald Klop <> wrote:
>> which is much better readable. I can't get this to work so the documentation might be inconsistent.
> I don’t think cron supports escaping newline. You can escape % as described, but (as you know) that’s something else.
> The standard solution to this is not to write programs in the cron config. Write a script or program elsewhere and have cron execute it.

  Yes, “\” as a continuation character is not supported.  The cron manpage is correct (no mention of using \ for anything but an escape character).  The <> page is incorrect.

  I’ve also checked the source at   There is no code to merge lines ending with a \ into a single command.

  And I agree, for a large number of sequential commands, a shell is going to superior is every way.  You could also add error recovery, etc.

> Ask
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