security/rkhunter without hashes after recent STABLE-13 update

From: Michael Grimm via freebsd-stable <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2021 12:17:39 UTC

I noticed that after my last upgrade to stable/13-n246157 (from stable/13-n246147) that /usr/local/var/lib/rkhunter/db/rkhunter.dat started lacking hashes.

Regarding rkhunter.conf the default setting is:



	If just the command name is given, and it is one of MD5, 
	SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 or SHA512, then rkhunter will first look for the 
	relevant command, such as 'sha256sum', and then for 'sha256'.

If I do modify the setting to ...


… rkhunter.dat shows hashes again.

Ok, that can be fixed. 

But I wonder if my findings have something to do with security/rkhunter at all, because that port didn't change recently. 

Can someone point me into the right direction, how to find out if the output of /sbin/sha256sum changes between stable/13-n246147 and stable/13-n246157?