nanobsd build fail on RELENG_12 and 13

From: mike tancsa <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 14:51:58 UTC
I all of a sudden started getting an odd build failure on RELENG_12 and
RELENG_13 nanobsd scripts, for amd64 and i386. The error comes up as a
DNS issue, but DNS looks to be fine on both VMs


root@nano13-amd64:/tmp # fetch -o /dev/null
/dev/null                                             8545 kB 4040
kBps    03s
root@nano13-amd64:/tmp #

but the script errors out with

pkg: Error fetching No
address record

and same on the other RELENG_13 VM

'SIGNATURE_TYPE=none' /usr/sbin/pkg add /_.p/pkg-1.17.1.pkg
pkg: Error fetching No
address record
Address resolution failed for
Consider changing PACKAGESITE.
Bootstrapping pkg from
pkg+, please wait...
+ umount /usr/obj/nanobsd.alix2apu/_.w/dev

The nightly build scripts are just

cd /usr/src
/usr/local/bin/git pull --ff-only
cd /usr/local/nanobsd
sh ./ -c alix-apu64.conf

Could it be related to

Going to try and reset to before that and rebuild