Re: Run script as root without sudo

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 05:21:51 UTC
> I just hope that in 5 years from now I can find this mailing list post
> when I completely forgot the whole thing and can't figure how to make it
> work...

The collective memories can be there for you... :)

See it can often be much easier to find posts after you import
the entire FreeBSD Mail Archives directly into your favorite
mail client [or text search engine] and search it directly
locally on your own machine for what you want, especially
given many "online" archives suck at search or are incomplete.

You can seed your local copy with...

rsync -nHaxi --delete

The *huge* problem with that is that postmaster still has not
added the archives from the new list manager software MLMMJ
into the above rsync hierarchy, so it is now three months big gap
and growing. Therefore not even this 'freebsd-stable' list is up to
date there, thus no one can import and search on new messages
since May 2021, or even hit 'reply' to those new archive threads
thus magically and correctly preserving proper original threading, etc.

Postmaster and distribution really needs to fix the rsync archives,
thus the cc's, because even bcc's for those simple notification
purposes are also not yet even enabled on the FreeBSD lists.

For more posts with good use cases on why these archives
can be very helpful for users and the Project, search the archives
for 'bit0'. You might have to wait a bit until the rsync archives are fixed
and thus complete before you can find those cases search results.