Re: ipmi0: Watchdog set returned 0xc0 (releng_13)

From: Alexander Motin <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 23:45:29 UTC
On 16.08.2021 10:53, mike tancsa wrote:
> One other thing I noticed was that if I boot up without ipmi loaded,
> /dev/fido is there. Does it still see a hardware watchdog somehow, or is
> that pointing to something else ?

As I see in the watchdog driver code, the device is created just on
module load, whenever the hardware present or not.  Actually, if there
is no hardware watchdog, modern kernel should attach a software one.  It
is obviously less reliable, but we successfully use that one in some of
our products.

> I am going to look around for a BIOS update to see if there is some fix

I'd look more for BMC firmware update, not BIOS.  Or both, if available.

Alexander Motin