SAS3808 PCI-E 4.0, FreeBSD / ZFS support ?

From: Ben RUBSON <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 07:34:53 +0200

Looking to buy SuperMicro SSG-540P-E1CTR36L, bringing a SAS3808 based PCI-E 4.0 adapter.

Everyone knows SAS2008 (PCI-E 2.0) and SAS3008 (PCI-E 3.0) as widely advised when working with ZFS.

But what about SAS 3808 ? I did not find much experience sharing, especially about its FreeBSD support, and ZFS compatibility level.
As SAS3808 has twice the PCI bus bandwidth as the SAS3008, could be useful with large JBODs.

Thank you very much !

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