Re: Sipeed Lichee RV (Allwinner D1)

From: Julien Cassette <>
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2022 16:30:43 UTC
Le jeu. 3 mars 2022 à 23:25, Milan Obuch <> a écrit :
> Well, this is probably watchdog firing reset. From U-Boot:
> WDT:   Started watchdog@6011000 with servicing (16s timeout)
> You need either write a watchdog driver to prevent timeout occuring, or
> disable the watchdog (if possible, this could not be the case). Also,
> it would help to see FDT (from U-Boot, command 'fdt print', but this
> needs probably 'fdt addr xxxx' with correct address first). Log
> presented is too short, suggesting FDT used is incomplete for some
> reason.
> Also, you can load root filesystem from embedded image automatically,
> using
> options ROOTDEVNAME=\"ufs:/dev/md0\"
> in kernel config.
> Regards,
> Milan

Hi Milan and thanks for the help

I have modified the `aw_wdog` driver to support the D1, and now the
device does not reset after executing `watchdog -t 0`.

I am trying to make the `aw_mmc` driver work but it is failing on
getting ressources, I guess the IRQ one.

Source code:

Boot log:

Output of FDT print: