Re: PINE64 STAR64 [and now: new board available now]

From: Milan Obuch <>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 09:04:24 UTC
On Tue, 27 Sep 2022 01:52:33 +0200
Tomek CEDRO <> wrote:

> Thank you PINE64 Team for the update on STAR64 board release date :-)
> I am attaching mailing list and the FreeBSD
> Foundation to this reply.
> Mailing list is the best place for RISC-V related announcements and
> contact with FreeBSD Unix users and developers working on the RISC-V
> target implementation. Please subscribe and send further RISC-V
> related announcements here.
> If you consider sharing engineering samples with the FreeBSD
> developers the FreeBSD Foundation is the best contact.


While Star64 is not yet available, it would be nice if someone more
knowledgeable could do some preliminary evaluation from FreeBSD side,
i.e. how much work would it make to run FreeBSd on the board.

Good starting point is wiki page,,
where links to documents for various parts used could be found. Most
interesting would be datasheet for StarFive JH1170 SoC, I think. No
idea how detailed it is.

Today there is new board avalable for purchase, Ox64, really small one,
for US$ 6 and US$ 8... So one quick question - is 64 MB RAM enough for
FreeBSD on RISC-V architecture? It would be really great for small
devices (something like IoT, sensors, etc.), even if it could be
limited somehow.