[Bug 235185] /etc/rc.d/ environment may need to be cleaned vs services(8)

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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2022 12:04:26 UTC

Mateusz Kwiatkowski <kwiat3k@panic.pl> changed:

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--- Comment #44 from Mateusz Kwiatkowski <kwiat3k@panic.pl> ---
One more data point to this issue: software installed from ports that depend on
looking binaries in PATH, behaves differently when started with service(8) or
directly with rc script. One example is containerd + runj.
Containerd is a container runtime whereas runj is a "plugin" to make it work
with FreeBSD Jails. Runj is installed by ports and its binary is located in
/usr/local/bin/ which is not included in default PATH set by service(8) or
/etc/rc. Without setting PATH explicitly in a rc script, containerd will work
when started by script and won't work when started by service(8) or after
reboot. I think that it's annoying inconsistency. My vote goes to sanitising
environment in every case, starting with next major release.

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