maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 257526] devel/py-twisted: Update to 21.7.0

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Date: Sun, 01 Aug 2021 09:47:13 +0000
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Bug 257526: devel/py-twisted: Update to 21.7.0

--- Description ---
I was just finishing testing this patch when #255547, so adding wen_at_
(committer) and Sascha (reporter) to CC.

Twisted released again in the past few days, version 21.7.0.

I ran all ports tests against Twisted 20.3.0 (the version in ports until last
week) and against Twisted 21.7.0, the latest version. The results do not vary
significantly since Twisted is quite good at backwards compatibility.

I also fixed the way to run Twisted tests from the port, hopefully we can
improve testing on FreeBSD upstream.

Can we merge this patch? With it I also volunteer to adopt devel/py-twisted so
it is kept up to date in the ports tree.

See the produced outputs (*):

And the resulting diff:

(*): txredisapi is missing since the tests take a very long time to fail in
either Twisted version.

This kind of tree-wide testing takes a very long time, I am currently using a
script [1] inside a jail, are there better ways?

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