CFD: the future of ports on powerpc64/12 and powerpc64/11

From: <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 18:33:38 UTC
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For a long time I have been attempting to keep ports building on
powerpc64/12.  This, along with mips*/12, is still stuck on having
GCC4.2.1 in base.  (Of course, in 13/14, we are based on clang.)

(I have not even looked at the state of ports on 11 in over a year.)

Although most of the individual problems are not that hard to fix or
work around, the fact is that I have become overwhelmed by the number
of them.  This is both for existing ports where updates switch to taking
advantage of c11 or c++11 (or later) features, but, most notably, for
the number of new ports added every week.

The problems noticed in the last 1-2 months are:

  math/openblas (I am told there is an upstream fix)
  math/mpdecimal (affects lang/python* but it can be worked around)
  devel/py-gobject3 (also affects python)

tl;dr: I intend to stop working on ports testing on powerpc64/12.

(fwiw, pkubaj@ has already moved on to 13.)

If anyone wants to pick this task up, please contact me.  But at
this point it is simply taking too much of my time, on which I
already have demands I cannot fulfill.