Re: sccache(-overlay) to speed up rust builds in poudriere

From: Alexander Leidinger <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 10:54:00 UTC
Am 2023-09-27 10:56, schrieb Charlie Li:

> In poudriere, apart from the fetch phase, network access is not allowed 
> by default so spawning a server that listens on an IP that does not 
> necessarily exist that clients, individual compiler invocations, talk 
> to isn't tenable. At the very least, one would need to architect and 
> implement Unix domain socket support there, which they are happy to 
> consider.

How is poudriere preventing network access outside the fetch phase?
I tried the port in the mean time, and the sccache cache directory 
contains 573 files after a test run with poudriere-devel.


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