Re: dns/bind916 builds rust unexpectedly

From: Thierry Thomas <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2023 20:03:18 UTC
Le mar. 26 sept. 23 à  9:44:51 +0200, Guido Falsi <>
 écrivait :

> Actually it's much worse than that. It's not only rust per se.
> My poudriere machine rarely can do a build run without rebuilding one or
> more of rust, some version of clang, some version of gcc, qt[56]-webengine,
> py-qt6 (this one does most of the work single threaded unluckily). Also it
> often ends up having to rebuild firefox and thinderbird (these two heavily
> use rust, and get little speed up from ccache), libreoffice (this one at
> least get a very strong speed up thanks to ccache) etc.

This is true, but rust is very heavy, and it seems to be updated quiet

Just an idea: maybe it could be possible to repocopy lang/rust to e.g.
lang/rust-devel (we already have rust-nightly), lang/rust being a stable
release, used to compile the depending ports, and rust-devel being used
by rust developers and updated more frequently.

I do not know if these ports would be installed at the same place, with
CONFLICTS_INSTALL, or if would be better to install the -devel port
with some suffix… [ added to Cc:]
Th. Thomas.