Re: dns/bind916 builds rust unexpectedly

From: Guido Falsi <>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2023 20:31:24 UTC
On 25/09/23 22:21, George Mitchell wrote:
> On 9/25/23 11:38, Guido Falsi wrote:
>> [...]
>> There is a more general aspect to this. In the rest of the unix world 
>> software is now almost universally build using CI systems and 
>> buildboxes, people use binary packages almost all the time in linux. 
>> Developers don't care to keep low overhead in their builds and with 
>> dependency. The ports tree cannot mitigate this external pressure.
>> Anyway building from ports on live machines has always been bad 
>> practice for a lot of reasons.
>> [...]
> And yet it mostly works for some of us.  I'd be overjoyed to sign up
> with the program (using packages only) if packages not using CUPS
> (that would run with unassisted lpr) were available, let's say as a
> flavor.  But until then ...                               -- George

Just for the record I did not say that people should use precompiled 
packages. In fact there is nothing bad in building your own packages 
with custom options.

The bad practice is running "make install" on a live server or live 
machine, for various reasons. Building things can fill ram/disk/cpu, 
interfere with other software, other installed software can interfere 
with the build, etc.

building should be done on a dedicated machine. By hand or using custom 
scripts or specific tools, this would avoid a lot of issues that are 
going to byte.

But apart from these considerations anyone is obviously free to do 
whatever he wants with his machines.

What I am trying to convey is that installing software via "make 
install" in port directories is becoming more and more problematic as 
time goes on due to pressures coming from outside the ports tree and 
FreeBSD world, on which we have very little power.

Guido Falsi <>