Re: security/ca_root_nss: Remove duplicate PLIST entry

From: Kurt Jaeger <>
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 08:30:40 UTC

> So what's the process here?
> Contacted committer: no response
> Contacted ports mailing list: no technical discussion

It looks like it is really a non-trivial topic, so people
probably still think about it.

> Should I raise a bug ticket for the bug ticket with the patch
> that I wrote?

Yes, please.

> Should the ca_root_nss maintainer take a look
> who wasn't involved in the change that I raised concerns about?
> Do we not want to avoid further bug reports by doing review
> which wasn't possible for this blanket change in pahbricator?
> I'm highly confused about the "open source" participation
> that is required of non-committers.  ;)

I agree, it's confusing.

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