Re: Dealing with DOCS that depends on DOXYGEN

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2023 22:02:20 UTC

I am also a little concerned about this issue.
I have made it so that doxygen is installed with the DOCS option in multimedia/libopenshot and audio/libopenshot-audio, which I maintain.
Perhaps one positive answer is the way astro/geographiclib, which I maintain :), does things.
Such a way would be limited to cases where there is a way to switch the behavior depending on the presence or absence of doxygen.

This is probably why we don't want to use doxygen for our builds.
I have sent one email upstream regarding this and received no response :)
Currently not yet fixed.
And since another fix (s/PYTHON/Python/) was made in that nearby area, the patch cannot be applied directly either.