Re: Wow: Building the likes of devel/llvm16 now requires building rust first (when rust is out of date). . .

From: Jose Quinteiro <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 22:51:37 UTC
On 9/13/23 23:20, Mark Millard wrote:
> Note: py39 is in use in my context.
> Building devel/llvm16			requires building textproc/py-recommonmark@py39
> Building textproc/py-recommonmark@py39	requires building textproc/py-sphinx@py39
> Building textproc/py-sphinx@py39	requires building www/py-requests@py39
> Building www/py-requests@py39		requires building net/py-urllib3@py39
> Building net/py-urllib3@py39		requires building security/py-openssl@py39
> Building security/py-openssl@py39	requires building security/py-cryptography@py39
> Building security/py-cryptography@py39	requires building devel/py-setuptools-rust@py39
> Building devel/py-setuptools-rust@py39	requires building lang/rust
> Building devel/llvm16 and the like just got more
> resource intensive for those not already building
> lang/rust . Building lang/rust in my context uses
> system-clang ( not a devel/llvm* ). So no loop in
> my context.
This might be the well-received(1) change to py-cryptography that added
a dependency on Rust. The forums say(2) this might be a solution:


I look forward to the formation of an antioxidants group on Github.