Re: Wow: Building the likes of devel/llvm16 now requires building rust first (when rust is out of date). . .

From: Tatsuki Makino <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 08:37:42 UTC
If it's on poudriere, then it's the one where the saving of computer resources is converted into human labor :)

Mark Millard wrote on 2023/09/14 15:20:
> Building devel/llvm16			requires building textproc/py-recommonmark@py39
> Building textproc/py-recommonmark@py39	requires building textproc/py-sphinx@py39
> Building textproc/py-sphinx@py39	requires building www/py-requests@py39
> Building www/py-requests@py39		requires building net/py-urllib3@py39
> Building net/py-urllib3@py39		requires building security/py-openssl@py39
> Building security/py-openssl@py39	requires building security/py-cryptography@py39
> Building security/py-cryptography@py39	requires building devel/py-setuptools-rust@py39
> Building devel/py-setuptools-rust@py39	requires building lang/rust

If devel/llvm16 has already been built, -S or -n option in poudriere bulk can be used to determine that devel/py-setuptools-rust@py39 is the last to be built.
However, it is very tedious to read the output of poudriere to determine it :)