Re: Building a Linuxulator userland from source

From: Felix Palmen <>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2023 17:52:25 UTC
* Felix Palmen <> [20230901 16:55]:
> Posting yet another status update [...]

And the next one ;)

First, I kind of reached a "milestone", I got multimedia/makemkv to
build with the new userland (using the ffmpeg shared libs instead of
linking it statically as is necessary with -c7), and it *seems* to work
just fine \o/. Unfortunately, it still segfaults in "guiserver" mode, so
obviously this wasn't caused by the ancient userland -> still no GUI
here for FreeBSD :(

But then, the bad news, it seems I'm hitting a brick wall trying to port
gtk2 (a prerequisite for Citrix Workspace, another app I want to *try*
to get to work). It fails building its demos, telling it can't determine
the file type of some .png file. I assume there is some issue around
shared-mime-info, I'm not sure yet...

But now, I have the idea to once again completely restructure my new
userland, and I'm posting it here hoping for comments from people with
experience regarding Linuxulator:

* So far, my linuxsrc_base metaport just pulls in what I thought to be a
  very minimal working GNU/Linux userland: glibc, libstdc++, libgcc,
  bash, sed, grep, awk (all the GNU flavors), openssl, coreutils, man-db
  and a few other tools. I *think* I should also add anything to "base"
  that's present in FreeBSD base.

* For my 'dist' ports (additional tools and libs going to /compat/linux
  that are not part of base), I currently install them the same way as
  the 'base' ports: PREFIX /compat/linux, but a prefix of /usr passed to
  the respective build system. I now think I should change this to use a
  prefix of /usr/local instead, so the libs are (hopefully) configured
  the same way as their FreeBSD equivalents and I could drop anything
  else (man-pages, other docs, shared data, etc) and even in most cases
  binaries from the packages, maybe instead adding a runtime dependency
  to the respective FreeBSD-native port. My idea is that this should
  enable the best possible integration into the FreeBSD system, using
  anything but the libs from ${LOCALBASE}.

So, any comments on these ideas?

Cheers, Felix

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