Re: graphics/podofo: 0.10.x requirement

From: Guido Falsi <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2023 15:18:36 UTC
On 26/05/23 17:13, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As the maintainer of the calibre port, while trying to update to 6.18.x
>> I've discovered that now calibre requires the new API/ABI incompatible
>> podofo 0.10 version.
>> I also guess that other ports will also grow such requirements in the
>> future.
>> So my question, both general and to the sunpoet as podofo maintainer,
>> is, how should we address this?
>> Also, is this already being addressed, maybe?
>> We can't simply update graphics/podofo, obviously (all dependent ports
>> would brake).
>> Plan 1 - My first idea is creating a graphics/podofo10 port that can be
>> installed in parallel with graphics/podofo (by changing the name of
>> every file installed that conflicts), so that ports moving to the newer
>> library can be patched to use the newer one.
> That's how it is done for other dependencies in other ports sometimes.
> netbox and gitlab often have such cases.
>> plan 2 - Another option is doing the same as above, but my updating
>> podofo to the latest version and moving old 0.9.x to a graphics/podofo09
>> (or whatever) port, updating all dependencies to use the older port for now.
> Also fine.

Suspected that, I'm also waiting for sunpoet (as podofo maintainer) 
opinion. Maybe he also already has a plan or is working on something 
that I don't know about.

Guido Falsi <>